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Patrika Sale

परिचय सम्मलेन 2014

भारत वर्ष का विशालतम परिचय सम्मलेन को इंदौर में संम्पन हुआ। इस सम्मलेन में आये लोगों की संख्या
56000 से भी अधिक रही। वहीँ अब तक की सबसे बड़ी परिचय दर्पण पुस्तिका का विमोचन भी हुआ ,जिसमें इस वर्ष सप्लीमेंट्री कॉपी के साथ 2820 entries दर्ज कि गई।

परिचय दर्पण 2014 देखने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें धन्यवाद् ir run by Shri Gurjargaud Brahmin Nagar Sabha Indore (M.P.). in 2007 Shri Styanarayanji Sharma Founded this website and dedicated to gurjargour brahmin samaj
Adya gaud brahamin seva nyas indore, gathered several brahaman samaj in one platform and now we have largest brahmin community in the world.
Note: For brahmin parichay sammelan updates visit this site regularly.
Brahaminparichay is only website which connect gurjargaud brahmin,sanadya brahmin , narmadiya brahmin,saryupari brahmin, kanyakubja brahmin,adigaud / adyagaud brahmin and all others. and both websites are associated with us and the are willing to provide some great opportunities for brahmins/brahaman samaj in india.
Brahamin History
The history of the Brahmin community / Brahaman Samaj in India started with the Vedic religion of early Hinduism, also known as Sanatan Dharma, in ancient India. The Veda-Purans are the primary source of knowledge for brahmin practices. All the communities of Brahmins take inspiration from the Veda-Purans. According to Brahmin Samaj tradition, it is believed that Vedas are apaurueya and anadi (beginning-less), but are revealed truths of eternal validity. The Vedas are considered Sruti (that which is heard, signifying the oral tradition). Traditional Brahmin accepts Vedas as apaurusheyam (not man-made), but revealed truths and of eternal validity or relevance and hence the Vedas are considered Srutis that which have been heard and are the paramount source of Brahmin traditions and is believed to be divine. These Srutis include not only the four Vedas (the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda and the Atharvaveda), but also their respective Brahmanas. Brahman and Brahmin are not the same. Brahman refers to the Supreme Self or God of Hindus. Brahmin or Brahmana refers to the caste of an individual. The brahmins are scholars, teachers and priests. Additionally, the word Brahma refers to first of the gods and Brahman, the Supreme God.

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